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About us

Huu Nghi Garment Joint Stock Company (HUGAMEX)


Category: Textile & Garments

Address:  Location Ho Chi Minh city

Telephone: 848.38554176 - 38553415  Fax 848.38553476 – 39503462

E-mail: info@hugamex.com.vn

Website: http://www.hugamex.com.vn 

+ Scope of Activities:

  • Scope of Business: specializing in manufacturing high quality garment items for export. Direct Import – Export; garments, machinery & equipment, materials.
  • For lease: Factories, office, houses, apparel machinery & equipment, road transportation means (cars, trucks, ect.)
  • Real estates business, civil construction & industrious construction/ building.


+ Products / Services:

  • Manufacturer Exporter of high quality Garment items.
  • Specialized in manufacturing.
  • Jackets, Outer wears, Sportwears, seam–sealed garments, trousers, fashion wears, ect.
  • Hi- tech apparel items (using ultrasonic seam–sealing process without sewing).
  • Importer: Materials, sewing machinery/ equipments.
  • Leasor: Factories, offices, houses, road transportation means (trucks, cars).
  • Doing Business on real–estate, construction, civil and industrious building/ contruction.
  • Hugamex is ready to co-operate with foreign & domestic investors/partners in respect of above mentioned fields.


+ Description Human resource & machinery/ equipments

  • Over 3.000 skillful employees/personnels.
  • Over 2.800 new machinery/equipments to meet requirements for variety of garment items.


+ Out put/ production capacity

  • One million jackets per annum.
  • Two million shirts & trousers per annum.


+ Factories: Hugamex has 04 affiliated Factories

  • Factories 1-2-3 located at 636 Nguyen Duy, Dist 8, HCM, 600 employees & 550 m/c .
  • Co-operating Factories 4-5 (Summit Garment Saigon): a co-operation business between hugamex and Sumitex International Co. (belong to Sumitomo Corporation – Japan) located at 638 bis Nguyen Duy , Dist 8, HCMC. Scale: 1.300 employees & 1.200 m/c.
  • Factoty 6: Located at Sa Dec (Dong Thap Province) with 1100 employees & 1000m/c.
  • Factory 7: Located at Long An province (Phuoc Lam, Can Giuoc Dist). Scale: 1100 employees & 1000 m/c.


+ Quality Management System / Certification / International & domestic awards:

  • Hugamex’s management system to be organized in accordance with ISO 9001:2000
  • Hugamex has won several international & domestic Awards/ Certificates.
  • Some among them are.


+ Certificates:

  • ISO 9001:2000 (certified by BVQI since 2001)
  • SA 8000 (Social accountability 8000)


+ International Awards:

  • Global Quality Management Award: “GQM American Quality Award” 2001 certified by GQM Arch of Europe (Gold Medal for product ‘s quality) awarded by J*Ban Imagen Arte.


+ Some domestic awards:

  • Business Excellent Award 2006: Awarded by National Committee For International Economic Cooperation & E – Trade Magazine (Ministry of Trade).
  • Excellent Business – Prestigeous Exporter 2006: Certified by Ministry of Trade.
  • Steady developed & famous trademark & SUPER CUP 2006 awarded by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VCCI).
  • Golden Lotus Cup awarded by VCCI in 2006.
  • Business Excellent Award 2007 for Premium Quality Products: awarded by VITAS (Vietnam Textile – Garment Association).



  • Improving continuously Product’s Quality ; Keeping prestige to Customers.
  • Meeting all commitments to Customers with satisfaction Are Vital Targets of Hugamex  May Hữu Nghị (HUGAMEX).
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